Top 10 Job Skills You Need to List In Your CV: Part One

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With the economy currently going through a recession, job markets are tough especially for graduates and student fees are at an all time high causing more people to enter the world of work earlier than expected. So how can you stand out better than your contemporaries? Better yet, how can this be illustrated on to your CV and in an interview?

The Meaning of Employability
Employability is an accumulation of everything desirable that makes an organisation want to hire you. This combines you experience, knowledge, skills, qualifications, contacts and of course your personal characteristic. This is why it is becoming increasingly important to address and list the job skills skills on your CV that are relevant to the employer. For someone who has the desire to work for one of the top companies in any industry, you want to present yourself as the most employable and ‘lucky-to-have’ recruit. People’s preference of what defines employability is constantly changing as the world embraces new technologies and innovations. 10 years ago, knowledge of Microsoft Word or how to use the internet wouldn’t have been top of the list as a desirable skill for most organizations; now you’ll find it extremely difficult to find a job if you don’t possess these skills. Invest in your personal development and take every opportunity to build on your skills and add new ones

In this 2-part series, we will outline the top 10 skills to list on a resume CV. These skills present themselves time after time during the selection process. It is your job to prove to the recruiters that you can demonstrate these skills.

top job skills to list on a cv


Nowadays, there is nothing more important than demonstrating how valuable you are as a team member.  Almost all recruiters and career coaches will tell you that having the ability to work effectively with or through others to achieve great things. Building empowering and positive relationships with your team members is what hiring managers want in their employers. This is where assessment centres come into play. This is the biggest opportunity you’ll get to impress recruiters with your team working skills. You’ll most likely have a group exercise in which you will have to demonstrate that you can work in and/or lead a team. Make sure you are ready with many examples of how you have demonstrated team working in the past. Reference any work experience where you have volunteered in a project or taken part in a team challenge. What about at uni? Have you worked on group projects/coursework/presentations? Are you apart of any social club committees? Think about all of these and come prepared with a list in your head.

Communication Skills

Communication skills – very essential in the running of day-to-day business. Employers need team members who are able to communicate their ideas or tasks clearly and concisely. They want all written work or reports to be structured and of the highest quality. This is a skill that you should have really worked on during your university years. Sadly too many recruiters are complaining that candidates (graduates or not) are unable to express themselves articulately, whether verbal or written. Grammatical and spelling errors are still very evident on many application forms or CVs. As a result, may recruiters have introduced literacy and verbal reasoning tests as part of their selection process.  During an interview panel, recruiters know it is normal to be a bit nervous, but they still expect you to be able to confidently communicate your suitability for the job.

Problem Solving Skills

The ability to solve problems and provide efficient solutions is an excellent skill to have. Managers want to know that they can trust in their employees to always have the organizations best interest s at heart and continue to make it grow. Problem solvers need to be able to think analytically, strategically and logically. It is up to the recruiters to spot those with these skills at interview stage. So be prepared to have examples of how you have approaches problems and tackled them. Your degree subject may give you an edge over your contemporaries here, especially if you studied IT or the sciences.

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